About Scarecrow-Bird-Control.com

Scarecrow-Bird-Control.com was brought online in June of 2012.  It is a project of Mt. Pelia Innovative Solutions, LLC.  The company founder, John Cole, became interested in bird control after working with the LSU AgCenter to license a unique bird control product called the Scarebot


As an agricultural engineer, John is always on the lookout for innovative and unique ideas and products related to agriculture.  While investigating the Scarebot, John ran across several bird control devices.  Some of these products were more mainstream while others are more obscure, not widely marketed or only sold in foreign markets.  John has since been working on several bird scaring products and ideas.  Scarecrow-Bird-Control.com is a platform by which to market and sell these products.  Many other products, in addition to what the company makes, are available for purchase. 

John's goal is to provide accurate and reliable bird control information.  This includes aiding business owners, farmers, airport managers and homeowners in combating bird pest problems using the proper approach and necessary bird deterrents.  John also envisions this goal including conducting scientific studies on effectiveness of bird control devices and techniques.

Scarecrow-Bird-Control.com is excited to be involved in the work to reduce conflict between humans and birds.  With proper use of bird control devices and use of appropriate methods and techniques, pest bird problems can be reduced or eliminated.

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