Bird Control Devices and Systems

There are an abundance of bird control systems and bird control devices available. Some are simple while others are quite advanced technically.scare_eyes_3.jpg Many popular bird deterrents cost only around $20 (owl decoys, scare eyes, holographic bird scare flash tape) while others require a budget of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Much of the cost, as would be expected, depends upon how bad the bird control problem is and what type of damage they may be causing.

Nearly every page on makes mention of the fact that to be effective, bird control usually must involve a multi-faceted approach that changes often. You may have short-term success by being able to scare birds using a single device or approach. But eventually, the problem birds will become accustomed to or habituated to that bird control device and it will lose its degree of effectiveness. It is almost always best to take an integrated approach. Move the bird control devices around the area frequently (every few days or weeks) if at all possible, changing positioning and presentation. This will refresh the device’s “scare factor” with the birds and will prolong its effectiveness. If you have several devices in use, pull one out of the mix every so often, then bring it back a while later. The key is to make the bird deterrents as out-of-the-ordinary as possible for the bird pests.  This will prey upon most birds’ response to take flight when startled or scared. Once they begin to perceive on area as being dangerous or irritating they will likely frequent the area less and eventually avoid it all together.

If you are experiencing bird pest control problems at specific times, target those times. Focus on nesting and roosting times. If birds are “harvesting” your fruits or vegetables, make sure deterrents are in place when they ripen. strawberry.pngZero in on feeding times, early morning and late evening, when birds are on the move. Know, however, that once a feeding or roosting pattern is in place, it will be very difficult to break. Be sure to begin your bird control plan at the first sign of trouble.

No single bird control device will be 100% effective. One may work for a while then slowly lose its ability to scare away birds from your area. The only bird control systems that can come close to 100% control are physical deterrents, such as bird control netting and bird deterrent spikes.             

Below is a list of several bird control devices and systems. Additional detail concerning many of them can be found on this site. Search our pages to see what you can dig up. A quick search of one of these devices on your favorite search engine may help. offers many of these product types for sale and we would be happy to provide them to you. The list is grouped according to the category that the device fits into: physical, chemical, visual, auditory, or integrated.


Visual Bird Deterrents:

  1. Kites (Jackites or Helikites) 
  2. Lasers
  3. Balloons or scare eyes
  4. Scarecrows
  5. Bird scare flash tape
  6. Windmill
  7. Old CDs
  8. Pie pans
  9. Predator decoys:Coyote-Predator-Decoy.jpg
    1. owl
    2. hawk
    3. snake
    4. alligator
    5. fox
  10. Flashing lights

  11. Prowler Owl

  12. Dori Pole

  13. Reflective devices:
    1. Angry hawk
    2. Predator feathers
    3. Rotating, motor driven reflective pyramids

Auditory Bird Deterrents:pie-pan-garden-scarecrow.JPG

  1. Distress calls (Bird Gard)
  2. Propane cannons
  3. Pyrotechnics, screamers, bird bangers
  4. Pie pans

Physical Bird Deterrents:

  1. Bird control netting
  2. Bird Wires
  3. Bird spider
  4. Bird deterrent spikes
  5. Shock strips
  6. Bird Deter mailbox strip

Chemical Bird Repellants:

  1. Methyl anthranitate sprays
  2. Methyl anthranitate fogs
  3. Sugar solutions
  4. Bird Gel
  5. Bird spray

Integrated Bird Control Devices:

  1. Scare-inator
  2. Scarecrow sprinkler
  3. Radar based systems
  4. Robop
  5. Scare Wars system by Reed-Joseph International

As you can see there are a whole host of bird control devices and systems available to help you on you quest to control birds pests. is here to help you in that battle.

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