Buy Bird Pest Control Products offers a wide variety of bird control products.  All products listed here can be ordered via secure PayPal payment.  Larger orders may be handled via Paypal Invoice if desired.  If you prefer, contact us to arrange other payment options.


 Bird Deter® Mailbox Bird Guard  $14.95 (FREE shipping)

Prevent Birds From Perching on Your Mailbox and Leaving Their "Calling Card"!

Apply this adhesive backed clear plastic bird spike to your standard round-topped mailbox.  Use two on a flat topped or large sized mailbox.  Can also be used on downspouts as well.  No mailbox modification or tools requried.  Cut the strip to desired length and apply. 

Bird_Deter.jpg               Bird_Deter_on_mailbox.jpg              (mailbox not included)



Coyote Decoy  $65.40 + s/h


This life-like, 3-dimensional decoy is sure to frighten bird pests!


Terror Eyes  $48.95 + s/hTerror-Eyes.jpg

This inflatable bird scaring balloon has holographic terror eyes!

Package includes one terror eye which can be hung from buildings or trees.


Scare Eyes - 3 Pack  $31.45+ s/h scare_eyes_3.jpg

These menacing inflatable bird scaring balloons have been used successfully worldwide!

Can be hung from trees and buildings.


Prowler Owl  $64.10 + s/h Prowler-Owl.jpg

This life-sized, durable outdoor decoy owl has wings that move via the wind!

1/2" pole mount - pole not included


Gator Guard Decoy  $65.40 + s/hGator_Guard_in_pond.jpg

This life-sized, durable, floating outdoor gator decoy can be floated on any body of water to deter birds!  Try it in ponds, lakes and koi ponds.

Use more than one for larger bodies of water. Can be anchored or allowed to float freely in the water, moving where the wind takes it.


100 foot roll $42.00 + s/h Irri-Tape.jpg

500 foot roll $162.75 + s/h

Highly reflective, holographic foil tape scares birds by reflected light and movement in wind!

       Not for use in or near saltwater.


Roll Length

4 The Birds- Liquid Repellent  - 1 Gallon  $53.80+ s/h

 Sticky, no-toxic liquid makes for an uncomfortable surface for birds to land.

Apply with paintbrush or roller.4TheBirds_Liquid_Repellent.jpg

May be applied to plants and inside structures (ledges/beams).  Do not use on exterior structure of buildings.

Active ingredient: Polybutene




Bird Proof Gel Repellent - Case = 12 tubes  $107.65 + s/h

Sticky, no-toxic liquid makes for an uncomfortable surface for birds to land.Bird_Gel_3_tubes.jpg

May be applied to stuctures such as ledges, beams, signs, windowsills.

Use about 10 linear feet per tube.


Bird Gard Pro $240.00 + s/h Bird_Gard_Pro_berries.jpg

Electronic auditory deterrent protects up to 1.5 acres, is fully programmable and includes 8 different bird sounds!

Features include a built-in amplifier and speaker in a durable and weather-resistant housing that mounts to a post or fence using the included bracket. The built-in sound chip contains 8 different sounds based on your specific needs. To help in identification of problem birds, click here

Use in: vineyards, orchards, fish farms, vegetable farms, yards, warehouses, docks, aircraft hangers, strip malls, shopping centers, drive-ins and gardens.

Included are: Generating unit with built-in speaker, built-in sound chip with 8 different sounds, power adapter with 50 feet of cable, weatherproof enclosure and bracket.

Operation Details:

  • The Bird Gard Pro is pre-set on DAY, SHORT, RANDOM - all that is required is that the speakers and power are connected and the unit turned ON
  • Once the Bird Gard Super Pro is up and running, it can provide 24-hour protection
  • A light sensor operates the unit during daylight or night time or both
  • The battery must never be allowed to die
  • A deep cycle battery in excess of 100 amps is recommended

Additional Literature: BirdGardPro_info.pdf

Operation Instructions: BirdGardPro_Instructions.pdf

***When ordering, at checkout, be sure to tell us what birds are giving you problems.  We need to include the proper sound chip to deter your bird pests.  Check out this page to help you determine which bird type is troubling you.

Bird Pest Types?

Dori Pole, Jr. with Solid Pennant  $75.00 + s/h Dori_Pole_yellow.jpg

12 foot tall pole, solid color fluttering pennant is sure to frighten bird pests!  Looks great too!

Easily assembled two-piece 12' pole. Pennant is 8' x 18" and made from durable nylon.

Installation Instructions: dori_pole_installation.pdf

Install using stake or metal fencepost.

Select Pennant Color

Dori Pole, 19 Foot with Solid Pennant  $158.00 + s/h Dori_Pole_yellow.jpg

19 foot tall pole, solid color fluttering pennant is sure to frighten bird pests!  Taller than the Jr version for a wider deterrent area.

Easily assembled three-piece 19' telescoping pole. Pennant is 15' x 24" and made from durable nylon.

Installation Instructions: dori_pole_installation.pdf

Install over ground stake (offered below) or by some other pole support.

Select Pennant Color

Dori Pole Ground Stake  $21.00 + s/h Dori_pole_Temp_Groundstake.jpg

Makes temporary installation of Dori Pole easy!

Not for use with Dori Pole, Jr.

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