Integrated Bird Control

Integrated bird control involves combining or making use of multiple bird control devices at the same time.  An example would be to use a visual deterrent (a Jackite) and an auditory deterrent (an electronic distress call device) in the same area at the same time.  These two deterrents will enhance one another.  The birds may be scared initially by seeing the predator-like kite flying overhead, but will be driven or deterred from the area aggressively when they hear the bird distress or predator calls sounding over the protected zone.

An integrated approach preys upon multiple senses of the bird instead of just one target.  By combining bird deterrent types: physical, visual, auditory and chemical; you have a much better chance at effective and lasting bird pest control.

Sometimes one device offers an integrated approach itself.  The single device combines two or more of the deterrent types into one package.  Many times this will include a visual and an auditory deterrent. will soon offer such an integrated device known as the Scare-inator (a photo of the initial prototype is shown to the left).  This product consists of a fan inflated human-like figure that pops up every few minutes, via an electronic timer.  Also included on the platform are a flashing strobe light (also visual) and a siren.  Each component can be turned on and off independently.  When the fan inflates the human effigy, the figure moves and provides a movement that frightens bird pests.  Initial testing at a golf course yielded promising results.Scare-Wars.gif

Reed-Joseph International Company of Mississippi produces the Scare Wars ® integrated bird scaring system.  This innovative device, used heavily at airports, combines a propane cannon, an electronic bird distress call device and sometimes an inflatable human effigy.  It can be controlled remotely.

The scarecrow sprinkler has become popular among homeowners.  We consider it integrated because it combines a visual scare, the water, and the sudden sound (auditory) of the sprinkler upon activation. 

Robop Ltd. designed and manufactures the high-tech Robop bird deterrent that looks like a real bird of prey.  It moves and emits life-like predator calls.  We have worked out a purchase arrangement with Robop, so if you or your company are interested in purchasing one of these high caliber "birds", contact us today. 

Vigilance Technologies in Australia offers a system that detects birds via radar, then scares them away from the area via use of electronic distress/predator calls, propane cannons, strobe lights, predator decoys, lasers and inflatable scarecrows.  We have worked to establish a relationship with Vigilance Technologies that will allow us to bring this unique system to the U.S.  Contact us if you are interested in these systems.

Integrated bird control helps to reduce habituation by birds.  It “keeps them on their toes.”  The target pest birds are hit with multiple and sometimes varying deterrent types.  This approach adds additional scare power.  An integrated approach is usually always superior to a single faceted bird control device.   

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