Traditional Scarecrows

When you think of a scarecrow, the classical Wizard of Oz type bird scarer comes to mind. Typically a pair of old overalls or pants is coupled with a plaid or colorful shirt. This ensemble is somehow attached to a post or stake and stuffed with straw or some other fluffy material. A head is usually added or sometimes a hat is placed directly on top. The head may be constructed of an old pillowcase, bag of some sort or even a pumpkin. The idea is to make it look as human-like as possible to enhance its ability to scare birds.  The idea of the scarecrow has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. They most always are used to protect gardens and crops. In modern times they are often used as decorations, especially in the fall, when harvest is near. 


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Scarecrows are used worldwide, but usually go by different names. In the United Kingdom they may be knows as  a Mommet, Tattie Bogle, Tattie Bogal, Murmet, Bwbach, or Hodmedod. The Japenese call them a Kakashi, while Germans call them Vogelscheuche. Sometimes a scarecrow may be called a rook-scarer, a flay-crow, mawpin, bird-scarer, mog, guy, shay or shuft. Whatever these bird scarers are called, their main purpose is to scare birds.

Scarecrows may take on many forms. Many don’t even have a human-like appearance. They may mimic a hawk or an eagle. They may consist of predator noises or flashes of light. In fact, todays’ scarecrows can be broken down into four primary categories: visual, auditory, physical and chemical. If any of these types are combined, the result is an integrated approach to bird frightening.   

A traditional scarecrow looks like the guy who hangs out in a cornfield and walks the yellow brick road with the Tin Man, Dorothy, Toto and the Cowardly Lion. But how do you go about Making a Scarecrow?  Where can a person learn how to build a scarecrow? By following these links you will be shown how to make a scarecrow.

There are a few other Do-It-Yourself (DIY) scarecrows you can make. They aren’t really for decoration, but they will likely have the desired effect of scaring birds. Check out these great garden scarecrows that will help you in your garden bird control.

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